Imagine growing up with the resources of a Doctor, a psychologist, a teacher, a nurse, a homemaker, a seamstress all right at your finger tips. Wow! What a life.


Hi, my name is Mary. I am the 14th child in a large family and I have several moms. My mothers are talented people working in a variety of careers. Among them I can

find the advice that I need. All my mothers love me and work hard to create a family environment that will help us to grow and be happy productive people.

Throughout my teenage years, I felt the same as any other teenager, " my mother drove me crazy". However, in my family I was able to find understanding and support

through another mother, a younger one who connected more with my generation. I could talk openly with her about my problems. She knew the situation because she

was in the family and was able to give me the help I needed. Throughout my turbulent teens, my own mother was able to relax because she was confident that the

mother I was turning to shared the same value system she did and encouraged me to make g0ood choices.


My family loves me and will support me in my process of becoming what i want to be. Today I am 18 and on the brink of adulthood. I have many avenues available to me.

I love school. Last year I was a junior and the classes I took were World History, Trigonometry, Physics, Graphic Design, Speech, and Choir. Now I want to go to college.

Whatever career I pursue or choice I make, the choice will be mine. I will however have a lot of experience from my parents to help me to make the right choice for me.


Here children my age are encouraged to gain knowledge by learning the history of this world. Next spring I am traveling the Mediterranean with my senior class and our

high school history teacher. We will tour through the land while learning the architectural past of certain structures, and the story of the people who inhabit those lands.


As I think about the opportunities and support that I have had all my life, I fell bad about all the children with no parents, no home, and no love. Those are three things I

will always be able to claim. I am grateful to my family for the life I live and hope that I can do the same for my children.


Thank You