We represent an entity dba The Work of Jesus Christ.

The principles and doctrines of our beliefs are the same as those taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We are not, nor ever have been part of the FLDS Church.

We maintain that we have the right of choice in our religion, in our marriages, and all other matters that pertain to us.  We do not believe in infringing on the rights of others or bringing harm to another.

We are not ashamed of our religion, our heritage or our family systems.

We believe in a God that loves His daughters and is interested in their welfare, happiness, and virtue.  He does not prescribe a system of marriage that would bring unhappiness to His children.

We wish to define ourselves.  We refuse to maintain the stereotypes unfairly placed upon us by hate groups.

We are not victims of our religion.  We are victims of the unjust governmental legislation levied against us such as the Reynolds Decision which was/is based upon compelling interest and is not constitutionally sound.  We would like to see the Reynolds Decision overturned, and polygamy decriminalized.  Unlock the door so you can see for yourself that plural marriage can stand up to scrutiny in the light of day.  Fraud and abuse are as offensive to us as to any good citizen of our nation.



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